The Making of Arenga Pinnata Vinegar

I listed the names to avoid further confusions.

English name: Sugar palm
Filipino common name: Irok or Kaong
Scientific name: Arennga pinnata

Arengga pinnata vinegar became a popular product of Indang. In fact, it became the town’s entry in “One Town, One Product” program of previous Gov. Ayong Maliksi. Town folks celebrates Arengga Festival every year.

The product gave fortune to those few businessmen but not to mangangarit. Arengga vinegar is marketed as natural health remedy. I became a hit in local and export market. I never question its effectiveness because I am using it to cure my cough and soar throat.

Mangangarit do the hard job of collecting sweet sap of sugar palm. They know very well how to turn it to vinegar. The problems lie between packaging and product marketing. The lack of money to buy good packaging materials and to market the product effectively. I hope the local government can do something about this.


Arengga vinegar can be easily made by fermenting fresh sap into plastic or earthen jar until it becomes sour. Then pack into plastic bottles and place under the heat of sun for few days. The very common package is a used 1.5 liters Coke bottle.

Quality control is a must to sustain product quality. Technical knowledge should be shared by research institution.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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