Ampaw, Luyang Dilaw Candy at Espasol


Going back to our old days. Whenever Dad came home from work, he always bought some pasalubong for us. Guess what was our favorite. It was the ampaw.

ampaw na bigas

The ampaw looks like a golden ball of rice. Often taste bitter sweet. Some folks were telling us it is made of old cooked rice, bahaw. Others were telling it is made of rice puff. Well, the latter tell the truth.

Luyang Dilaw Candy

This little thing looks like little bars of chocolate.

luyang dilaw candy

They are not chocolate, they are luyang dilaw candies. It is a hard candy but very brittle. Biting won’t break your teeth. A no tooth decay is not guaranteed though.

The first taste impression is bitter sweet then the spicy luyang dilaw taste begin to lingers.

It is a mixture of turmeric ginger, sugar and corn syrup.


The first delectable espasol I’ve ever tasted came from Laguna. I bought it during official business trip.

angelica special espasol 1

opened espasol in paper

However the above product never came from the mentioned province. This one came from  Tagaytay City – about 15 minutes away from my home town. This version is smaller  but the taste is comparable, great.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

4 Replies to “Ampaw, Luyang Dilaw Candy at Espasol”

  1. dear marvs,

    how do we make Ampaw, mestiso or golden? ya know, when we were just kids, we just loved to eat, but we didn’t know how they made this & that. sometimes, they would come in shapes of balls or rectangles inside cellophane bags. very mabenta pare! panahon ng mga Curly Tops at Serg chocos yon. kasabay pa ng Phillips candies at Angelflake biscuits, ay naku, nostalgia time na naman tayo. later on, Skyflakes na at Sunshine crackers pa. sus, naku basta, mga late 60’s-late 80s.

    1. Puffed rice. This site has the procedures []. I am interested in making my own illustration as soon as I got ingredients. Kelan kaya yun?

  2. Good Evening! Can i know how to make luyang dilaw/ turmeric candy? This is very important for our feasibility study., thanks a lot..,

    1. The luyang dilaw candy you see above is a hard candy flavored with luyang dilaw. Search for a hard candy recipe add turmeric extract as flavor. The process of dried mango and papaya [] can be applied to young rhizomes. I have never tried it though.

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