Taste of Chooks To Go Juicy Liempo

I bought canned century tuna flakes as viand for lunch because our refrigerator was empty. I was too hungry to drive to plaza so I just went to nearby sari-sari store.

She came home earlier from office. Our refrigerator was empty so she asked me to drive her plaza to bought some food for the night and for the next morning. I was too hungry, I said. We bought some fruits, vegetables and processed meat. Before we went home, we stopped by “Chooks to Go” store and bought Juicy Liempo.

One piece of Juicy Liempo was 1/2 kilogram. It costed 139 peso per piece. The staff offered 200 pesos for two liempo pieces but she bought only one.

chooks to go liempo

The liempo is delicious, sarap papakin, although it  was not as juicy as its name implied. The appearance was slightly similar to litson but its taste was different. Almost half of the meat is back-fat so it was  not recommended to diet conscious individuals.

The free sauce that comes with it is not my type, taste like a plain vinegar. She prepared a more delicious sauce, a mixture of calamansi and soy sauce.

I ate two plates of rice with this juicy liempo. More will make my stomach achy.

Chooks To Go started with the same concept as Sr. Pedro and Andoks.  However, if you ask for sauce. They won’t give any. They slogan said “Masarap kahit walang sauce”. Delicious even without sauce. Not sure if they maintained the idea until now.

I saw somewhere. A certain  broiled chicken store beside Chooks To Go had slogan, “Mas masarap pa din pag may sauce“. More delicious with sauce.  That store had a good point. We, Filipinos like sauce in every fried or broiled we eat. We want sauce for fried chicken, pork, fish, beef and litson (broiled) version of the said meat variants. Whenever I see gravy dispenser in fast food restaurant, people are frequently coming back to gravy station to get more. They pour gravy not only on fried chicken but on rice too.


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