Common Foods With A Hard To Find Recipe.

Perhaps you too will have a hard time finding the right recipe to make the following products. They have a hard process flow. Some recipes are secret. Others require costly equipments. Few institutions provide trainings and on-line articles are rare.

Bubble gum. Made of gum base from tree resins or synthetic materials (rubber + plastic). Producing the bubble gum manually is hard. Mixing gum base, glucose syrup, dextrose and flavorings is done using mechanical arms in a heated vessel. The mix is then extruded, cooled and cut to bite sizes. Some recipe for home made bubble gum can be found but the quality similar to commercially made is hard to achieved.

Instant coffee, juice and milk. Converting liquid to powder is done using a highly specialized equipment called spray dryer. A huge tool where the liquid is sprayed, in form of mist, and applied with high temperature. It causes water component to evaporate and retain the powdered solid portion.

Cola. To date, the recipe of the famous cola is well guarded. Only few companies are able to manufacture – Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, RC Cola, Pop Cola and Virgin Cola. Are those secret recipe leak legitimate? Providing own soft drink bottle and acquisition of carbonation machine requires a huge capital.

Tsitsirya. Probably the best sellers in many sari-sari stores. Cheap and children’s favorite – one peso each and very tasty. How do you translate tsitsirya in English? Is it snack? Junk food? Anyone who can translate it in just “one word”? Anyone know how to make a piso tsitsirya?

Potato chips. There are so many different versions of “How To Make Potato Chips”. No sweat finding one! Wait! What I mean is the recipe for chips of uniform sizes. Buy a potato chips and notice the size uniformity. Other brands also follow the same uniform sizes scheme. Common potato chips recipe will tell you to slice potatoes thinly then deep fry. Uniform thickness can be achieved easily. Stamping a mold on slices will trim the edges and Voila! uniform sizes. This technique sucks – trimmings will be gone to waste basket.

Ice cream cone. Mixing and cooking of batter can be done manually. The hard part is the molding of soft baked batter to cone and immediate hardening.  All cones should be of uniform sizes and should be dried immediately to retain its shape.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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