Food Trippings: Suman from Antipolo, Kalamay from Rizal and Cassava Cake from Quezon

Suman from Antipolo

I am quite amazed on how this suman was made. I am not referring to the main processing. I also know how to make suman  but it is wrapped in banana leaves. Suman Antipolo is wrapped with coconut leaves. The long leaf is wrapped spirally.

This one taste good. I can say it is excellent. It is far superior than my cooking.

suman antipolo hubad

Kalamay from Rizal

Our locality  also has recipe similar to this one, the minatamis na kanin or tibok tibok. It is made of glutenous rice and sugar. However this one is made of ordinary rice with sweetened latik sauce.

It is delicious but I am more interested on sweetened latik sauce. It was my first time tasting it.

suman antipolo cake rice

Cassava Cake from Quezon

This cassava cake is very creammy and soft. It is yummy but I wish it has more cassava. My own recipe is ten times harder and less creamy.

quezon proivince cassava cake

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