Philippine Gourmet Salt, Fleur de Sel

GMA 24 Oras reported: The Philippine rock salt is gaining popularity in foreign countries like America. It is called the gourmet salt or fleur de sel, flower of salt. The natural salt made of sea water without any fortification.


Salt manufacture is a big industry in Pangasinan. This good news will be a good boost to their income.

The salt was popularized by American couple, Anthony and Lenny de Carlo, by selling Ilocano asin and sugpo asin. They stated that these salt has a unique and delectable taste.

According to Filipino chefs, rock salts gives the food a more delicious taste as compared to the popular iodized salt. Even my family and relatives don’t like using iodized salt because of its after taste.

I wonder how would this effect the REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8172, An Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN). The act require all producers manufacturers of food-grade salt to iodize the salt that they produce, manufacture, import, trade or distribute.

Another kind of salt called toltol can be found in Guimaras. These are big blocks of salt.

Are you from Guimaras? Please give me some descriptions about toltol asin. Some pictures are also requested.

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