Best Packaging For Ground Coffee / Roasted Beans

Coffee has its optimal flavor 24 hours after roasting. It is also the right time to pack a newly roasted beans because carbon dioxide needs to escape or the package will end up in a bulgy appearance.

For coffee entrepreneur beginners, especially the low budget individuals, you may pack coffee on a low-cost polyethylene bags. However, this approach is suitable only if you have an immediate market. Ordinary polyethylene bags is permeable to oxygen and other gases. Coffee will have relatively short self life due to rancidity and loss of flavors and aromas.

As market grows bigger, a packaging that can provide better air-free environment is needed because the product may take longer time to reach the customers. For this purpose, the packaging that can provide better protection are vacuum type plastic bags, laminated foil pouch and can. Be sure that can lacquer / enamel is suitable for coffee. You may ask tin can manufacturer about this.

There is another kind of packaging that is best suited for coffee. It looks like vacuum type plastic bags, laminated foil pouch and tin can. But it has a different feature, the presence of one-way valve. This allows the carbon dioxide from newly roasted coffee to escape but prevents the entrance of oxygen and other gases. This feature makes the packing of freshly roasted coffee possible.

Roasted coffee has an approximate shelf life of 3 months. This can be longer or shorter depending on the type of packaging material used.

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