Is 7-eleven Slurpee Really Bottomless?

I drove my wife and son to town plaza. Time for his monthly check up and flu injection. We arrived early and expected to wait and hour or two. Pedia service is first come first serve basis so we want to be the first. My son’s pediatrician is popular in our area. She always have plenty of customers. Be late and you gonna go home too late.

An hour or two is a bit long for me. I can’t bear sitting and doing nothing for that period. I took a walk to plaza. The plaza is about 300 meters away from the pediatricians office. I left our owner-type jeep near clinic. Taking a walk is a good exercise and will save on gas.

The weather was cold two weeks ago. Then sun’s heat was too hot suddenly. I felt very thirsty on my way back to clinic. I dropped by the nearest 7-eleven convenience store and bought something to drink, a bottled water and a slurpee.

Slurpee is a popular drink of 7-eleven 24 hours convenience store. It looks like an icing but it is made of tiny bits of ice. Just a plain water with artificial flavor I think. No ingredients written on paper cup and I cannot guess what are those. There are two variants to choose from but sometimes the other chamber is empty.

7 11 brain freeze warning

How to buy slurpee?

Come in front of cashier and say, “One slurpee please!”. The cashier will politely asked the size you want, smallest, small, medium, large or extra large. The smallest and extra large will be given to you while the small to large cup are provided on slurpee machine. Pay for the size you want and get the cup from cashier or from machine.

Based from my friend story, the 7 11 slurpee is bottomless. Why?

Slurpee is a self service product. The cashier will just give you a paper cup and cover or just a cover and choose the cup size from dispensing machine. Anyone can get as many serving he wants. Get a full serving and drink it while eating other meal or while shopping around. Then get back for more. A friend of mine can take three refills. I wonder how she manage to drink those.

A cup is single serve. Anyone should not get back for more. However, no crew is stopping her from getting refills.

Maybe their method of selling is base on trust. Pay for a small cup and get a large cup. I have never tried it though. I am afraid that someone might accuse me of cheating. That is so embarrassing!

Probably, slurpee’s profit margin is high. The cost of manufacture might be very low. Water, flavor and electricity.

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