What is Alkaline Cooking Salt?

According to product label, this alkaline salt is best for seasoning. Can also serve as detoxifier – Rinse fruits and vegetables in a liter of water dissolved with a teaspoon of alkaline salt. It came from the sea based from the words “purified ocean pan salt”.

alkaline cooking salt

I looked for alkaline salt meaning. It is a chloride of sodium. A substance for seasoning food, for preservation of meat etc…It is found native in the earth. Also produced by evaporation and crystallization of sea water and other water impregnated with particles.

Sea water has a pH of 8. Sodium chloride or common salt is a natural base or alkaline. I never see how this product is different from a common rock salt. It might be different, a company’s trade secret. Please enlighten me!

Why promote alkaline salts? The following were results of my own readings.

Human blood function between a narrow pH range of 7.36 and 7.44. Any value higher or lower will hinder normal activities. Believed to cause degenerative diseases as a result. Our modern diet is known to cause lowering of body pH. Alkaline salt might help maintain pH levels to acceptable range and prevent onset of illness.

This alkaline salt is as salty as common rock salt but differs in appearance.

alkaline and rock salt

I want to clarify few things on this matter.  Rock salt literally came from rocks while sea salt came from sea. The latter is more popular because it is easier to produce. One must engaged to mining activities to produce rock salt. On the other hand sea salt is gathered by drying salt water.

Salt may carry minerals. Like how Himalayan rock salt contains iron. It is pink because of this element.  Some are taking advantage of this by putting health claims.  Iodized salt is better because of its ability to arrest iodine deficiency. However, you may not opt for it by including seafoods in diet. I don’t want iodized salt. It tastes bad.

Salt is chosen as iodine carrier because it is widely used. From riches down to slums. It is very popular but people use it in moderation.  Too much salt is bad, so as too much iodine is bad.

Salt in small amount is a wonderful thing.  Salt and rice used to erased our hunger when we were small kids. A cup of joe is better with one to two squares. Don’t know what to do with that fresh fish? Scrub it with salt and fry! Any dish is not complete without a sprinkle. If you are using soy sauce and fish sauce instead. Those two still have salts. The now ever popular instant magic dish flavorings also have.


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