Making Pancake with the Pancake Mix

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Pancake glazed with honey and topped with margarine makes my mouth water. I want a stack of three, each with honey and margarine slices.

It’s fine for your indulgence but might not be for small businesses. Pancakes for sale on streets and canteens, with the budget in mind, come in singles – with thin margarine and sugar spread.

My two kids can make pancake by themselves

They can make it with little supervision. If they want, I usually get them a pancake mix. The photograph on the label gets them excited.

They want to start cooking as soon as they see the package. I am hoping, they try other provided recipes and invent their very own.

Making pancake is as easy as a pie

Anyone without prior baking knowledge can make it. Just follow any method found online or recipe on the pancake mix box.

You gonna have an acceptable, if not the best, pancake that you have been craving for. Adjust ratios and tweak procedures bit by bit until the nearly best taste is achieved.

Pancake mix saves the trouble of weighing and mixing flour, sugar, baking powder, and milk. Often, the things left to do are combining pancake mix with eggs, water, and butter. Then cooking in low to medium heated pan.

Make a fortune selling pancakes

You can share the modified recipe with others. Or keep it for yourself to make a fortune. Rags to riches personalities with a secret recipe as a medium to success are not rare.

Make your own pre-mix

If you are making pancakes for money.

  1. You might want to prepare the mixture from the ground up.
  2. Get the best but budget-friendly flour.
  3. Determine the baking powder ratio for optimum leavening.
  4. And add other ingredients like sugar and powdered milk.

Efforts won’t be in vain. The same mix you worked so hard for can possibly make other food items like:

  1. puto
  2. waffle
  3. egg bubble cake
  4. cartoon cake

It all boils down to equipment choice and procedure tweak.

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