A Salometer is an instrument for measuring the amount of salt present in any given solution. It has a graduated scale of 0° – 100°S, where 1°S is about 0.26% salt at the salometer’s calibration temperature. This instrument is similar to alcohol hydrometer.


Applications in Food:
A hydrometer especially graduated to indicate the percentage of salt (sodium chloride), in a pickling or
brine solution. It is used in developing pickling solutions and in measuring the salt concentration of brining
solutions used in curing hides and skins.

alcohol measurement

Other Applications:
– It is a hydrometer calibrated to measure the density of sodium chloride brine.
– It is also used in marine science as a density meter (hydrometer) for easy measurement of the specific gravity of saltwater in aquaria

salometer scale

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Nazareno, Ma. Paula Khrizel E

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