Are Taste Of Cheap Wines Really Inferior?

For wine connoisseur expensive wines might taste better than ordinary though it is not always the case. There are so many cheap wines with taste comparable to expensive counterparts, Some of them taste even better. Try scouting cheap wines in you area and you can find best tasting wine without breaking the wallet.

Why some wines are more expensive than others?

1) Most expensive wines undergo a long process of aging. This gives the wine a more mellow / delectable flavor. Aging allow the slow and complex process of flavor development.

2) Oak barrels are replaced frequently. Oaks impart flavor to wines, repeated used will deplete substances. Replacements are necessary for consistent quality. Purchases add cost.

3) Transport and handling. Grapes never grew well in our territory (Philippines). Transport and handling cost add up  to end price of commodity. Our very own Bignay Wine and Lambanog will surely be expensive when sold to foreign countries.

4) Merchant middlemen. The only role of middlemen is to transport goods from producer to customers or to another middlemen. However, they have the greatest income advantage. E.g. I am producing a food commodity and selling it to some specialty stores for 50 pesos. Then most of them are re-selling it for 80 to 90 pesos. The scenario is very clear, the product is 30 to 40 pesos cheaper when bought directly from me.

5) Established Brand. Known brands have a well established popularity. Consumers are paying more for the brand than  content. Producers spent huge bucks and long years to established. They need to recover expenses by pricing their commodity higher.

6) Nice Presentation. I often see wine bottles with a unique shape, beautiful label and in a carton or carrying bag. Packaging cost are often more than half of the total price.

7) Producers want a higher cost because of the reason below.

8) Mentality. We have developed a mentality that expensive wines taste better than cheap. We tend to like those even if it taste awful.

So before shedding you hard-earned money for expensive brands, try scouting local wine brands.

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