How to Make French Fries

flavorings ( cheese, salt , barbecue etc… , in powder form)

Materials and Equipment:
slicer or knife
Deep fryer
PE bags

1)    Select good and uniform size potatoes.
2)    Wash it thoroughly until all the adhering dirt are removed.
3)    Peel the potatoes and place in basin of water to prevent browning.
4)    Cut the potatoes to the size of  french fries
5)    Deep fry the potatoes for five minutes or until soft.
6)    Drain off excess oil on clean towels or manila paper.
7)    Pack in polyethylene bags and put into freezer until frozen.
8)    Heat the cooking oil up to 270ºF. Cook the sliced potatoes until golden brown. Remove from oil and cool.
9)    Drain off excess oil as mentioned in step “6”. Dust with flavorings. Serve immediately.

What makes french fries different from other snacks? French fries are crunchy outside and soft inside. The first frying intends to soften the potato sticks. Freezing then frying again immediately give the crunchy outside texture – crispiness that only last for few minutes.

The same procedure is applicable for making camote french fries.

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