I Love BonChon! | Chap Chae, Chicken Drums and Thighs

It was my second time eating at Bonchon. It was in SM Mall of Asia Mall grounds the first time. I also took pictures for documentation but I forgot putting it online.

i love bonchon

I Love Bonchon! I got the article title from their very own slogan. It is a nice and catchy slogan. I your going to brag about where you ate, your going to ” I love Bonchon!” Even if you never say the words “I love”, it is going to cross your mind most of the time.

For those who are not familiar with the name yet, bonchon is a Korean word that means “my hometown”. So their slogan literally means “I love my hometown”. Knowing what it means makes the slogan nicer and more memorable.

The restaurant originates from South-Korea.

Our orders:

One Chap Chae for 79 pesos. I call it pansit with strands almost four times bigger than ordinary Pinoy version. Has a dark brown complexion. Combination of sweet and saucy taste sets it apart from other pansit that I have tasted. I am sure the sauce is soy sauce variant. Chap chae or jap chae is a Korean glass noodles.


Two sets of Chicken Drums and Thighs with 2 Iced Teas for 155 pesos per set. The order we’ve got were really thighs and drums. It’s unlike Jollibee and McDo where they give chicken parts at random and you have to point out before hand if you want a specific part. She said it was garlic flavored chicken but I barely perceived it. What dominated was, again, the soy sauce. I see it as Mang Inasal’s with a very different taste. Generally good but I found it too salty for my taste buds.

bonchon chicken legs and thighs

Thank goodness, their iced tea tasted just right. Not too sweet and not two bland!

Two extra rice for 40 pesos. One rice order each were was simply not enough. We are touring are two kids around the mall after the meal. We need extra energy to ride with their naughtiness.

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