Spaghetti Food Poisoning in Bulacan and Pampanga

Just arrived. She bought spaghetti for our toddler. It was a wrong timing cause he was still sleeping. She asked if its okay to wait for him wake up and eat. I said no,  it is a very perishable commodity. Perhaps it was spoiled already when he woke up. Besides, we never know when the seller did cook the spaghetti.carmen olarte jolibee pics spaghetti

My belief might be right. Over 200 people suffered from food poisoning after eating spaghetti in a birthday party. Patients are experiencing diarrhea, dizziness, headache, vomiting and fever. Almost half of the victims were children.

Patients are treated in the following hospitals. Numbers might no be accurate, affected residents keep on coming.

Calumpit Distict Hospital = 80
Bulacan Medical Center = 45
Emilio Perez District Hospital = 8
Sta Cruz Hospital = 8
Hospital in Apalit, Pampanga = 4
Hospital in Macabebe, Pampanga  = some

The spaghetti was served by Tolentino family for the birthday of their grandchild. They explained that food poisoning is not their intention. The family members were also affected.

Party goers stated that spaghetti was good, no signs of bad smell, bad taste and whatsoever. Other foods in party were pancit, chicken and salad. No food was reported spoiled.

The local government unit are conducting test on water sample. Water could the food poisoning cause. According to records, some  patients were not party goers.

The family helper stated that their foods were clean. She doubt that poisoning was caused by powder used by party clown. The powder they sprayed in air contaminated the spaghetti pasta and sauce.

Doctors are also studying the possible reasons of the incidence. Results are expected after one week.

photo courtesy of carmen olarte

update as of june 16, 2011

– The women who cooked the pancit said sorry to persons who suffered from food poisoning.

– The cooked added that possible cause of poisoning are the ice that she added to drinks. The ice were brought from neighbor.

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