Avoid Corned Beef and Other Meat Products With Bright Red Color

I noticed this ginisang corned beef is bright red. Beef color is indeed red but not as red as this one. Corned beef color should also be red but it was my first time seeing a product with a very bright red color.

What is wrong about the bright red color?

bright red corned beef

Tocino is usually made of pork. Pork is a white meat but tocino is color red. The red color is imparted by curing ingredient called sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite. The process of curing with sodium will result to red color.

Bright red colored meat products might be dangerous for two reasons:

1) The manufacturer might have added to much curing salt. Yes, too much curing ingredient can make the product bright red. Too much intake of curing salt is harmful to health. Jump to this article to know the hazards of this salt.

2) The manufacturer might be using dye to make it attractive red. Most meat ingredients for making corned beef are not real beef, they are using the cheaper carabeef. Producers need to do something to make it similar to beef. It might be safe or it might be not especially when they are using petroleum based dyes. Read this articles to know the harmful effects of petroleum based dyes.

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