Organic Chickens Are Less Likely to Be A Salmonella Carrier

Eating organic chicken or native chicken might be the right thing for people suffering from chicken allergy. The point is they are less fed with commercially prepared feeds, drink less nutrient supplements and medicines, consume less growth promotants and get no vaccination.going organic

Imagine the life span of broiler chicken is only 45 days. They are stuffed with chemicals that might cause allergies. Businessmen are not contented with the very short 45 day period. They invented a regime to make it shorter, 35 days only. Hmmm.. what kind of chemical they have added to formula?

There are more reasons to eat organic chicken. Getting infected by Salmonella bacteria is lesser in organics. According to study conducted by University of Georgia, Ohio State University and North Carolina State University, organic chickens are less likely to be a salmonella carrier.

The occurrence of Salmonella bacteria among the tested farms were 4.3 percent in organic and 28% in conventional farms.

Broiler chickens are fed in ad libitum. Feeds are always on feeding trays and any chicken can feed as much as they want. They will surely feed to much and expel feces in large quantity. Cleaning of waste materials is often unmanageable and gives room for bacterial growth.

Twenty-five percent of Salmonella from organic farms were found to be resistant to streptomycin, conventional farms have 36 percent. More than 39 percent of Salmonella from conventional farms are resistant to ampicillin, streptomycin, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, cephalothin, ceftiofur and cefoxitin, no Salmonella from organic farms were resistant to these antibiotics.

Antibiotic application give rise to resistant form of bacteria. Any survivors from the first application might be resistant to next. Mode of reproduction is very fast so the chances of developing a resistant species are high.

It only take ten Salmonella to make a person sick. What if someone get the resistant variety? What if the number are double a hundred times?

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