Dipping Old Chicken and Pork in Fresh Blood To Make it Look Fresh

Authorities are doing all their efforts to stop illegal meat trade. Quezon City Health Department doing continuous monitoring and surprise inspection to caught and prevent botcha, double dead meat sellers. They confiscated several batches of dirty meats and closed some unsanitary processing plants.warning sign

However, many bad merchants still manage to dispose their products. The punishment for the deed might be too weak or the government efforts are not enough. Are they really exerting efforts?

Almost 100 kilograms of frozen pork and 80 pieces dressed chickens were caught at Divisoria street. Sorry, Its not in Quezon City! The city might really be a botcha-free area. Two thumbs up for you!

National Meat Inspection Service doubt the meat safety cause of improper handling. They are sold at sidewalks and they are delivered using tricycle. All the meat are old stock but fresh pig blood was found along. The merchants are dipping meat to fresh blood before selling. This is done to make it looking fresh. A clear example of cheating.

Beware: Old and unsantiray handled meat products might cause food poisoning! NMIS confiscated all the meat products due to unsanitary handling and no sanitation permit. Perhaps the commodities are really hazardous.

The illegal trade was caught due to reports of concerned citizens. Thanks to them! They should continue patrolling for the safety of the masses.

The illegal did has a punishment of five months to one year imprisonment.However, no one was arrested to pay for the sin. Maybe they gonna imprison the dressed chicken and pork. Two thumbs down for them.

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