Is it Okay to Store Opened Milk in Refrigerator / Freezer ?

I bought an evaporated milk, used half of it and stored it in refrigerator. Then I bought a  liter of commercial fresh cow’s milk , drank one glass and stored it again inside refrigerator.

The question: Is it okay to store opened milk inside refrigerator? /  in freezer?

It is okay to place milk in freezer.  Transfer the milk in a suitable container. Allow enough head space because its volume will definitely expand.  Then thaw and shake it well before using again to homogenize any fat separation.

Placing opened milk can in refrigerator is a different issue. It might be okay if the opened milk will be consumed within the day or the day after. After that period safety of milk is not guaranteed. Someone might suffer from food poisoning because of the negligence. Fresh milk spoils faster that evaporated and condensed milk.

Milk is an excellent source of food for bacteria. Many species can still grow at refrigeration temperature.

opened can of evaporated milk

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  1. Yes! raw milk are spoiled at faster rate even when kept inside the refrigerator.If milk are boiled on regular basis, chances increase to have safe drinking milk. Well, it should be consumed also, so that new can again be bought.

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