Reading the Soft Drinks Crown Cap

Can you read the text imprinted on soft drinks crown cap.  Maybe they are too small to read or you have no time to read it.

Let me do the honor of reading it.  The important things in this crown  is the list of ingredients. They are as follows.  I included some of their effects as a bonus.


Carbonated Water

known to kill bacteria that may cause infection

carbonation can break down calcium in the human body,
which can be a risk to weak tooth structure and in severe cases lead
to osteoporosis

cause esophagus irritation leading
to bloating or indigestion

increases the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream

Carbonated water is also not good for people with kidney stone, it is believed that carbonation can also promote kidney stone

Phosphoric Acid

Consuming highly acidic substances is not only bad for your teeth but also terrible for bone health and can promote a deterioration of the jawbone, pelvis and femur

Repeated or prolonged contact may result in dermatitis

affects kidney

Caramel Color

may cause asthma like symptoms to some persons


raises the insulin level, which inhibits the release of growth hormones, which in turn depresses the immune system.

too much consumption causes rapid weight gain

sugar depresses the immune system thus contributing to rise of various diseases


According to pegasus ..

1. Stimulates your heart, respiratory system, and central nervous system.

2. Makes your blood more `sludgy’ by raising the level of fatty acids in the blood.

3. Causes messages to be passed along your nervous system more quickly

4. Stimulates blood circulation

5. Raises blood pressure

6. Causes your stomach to produce more acid

7. Irritates the stomach lining

8. Makes digestion less effective by relaxing the muscles of your intestinal system

9. Its diuretic effect caused increased urination

10. Stimulates the cortex of your brain heightening the intensity of mental activity. This can result in a temporary feeling of alertness and, in the short term, banishes the result to  drowsiness and feelings of fatigue. In those who already have high levels of anxiety the heightened intensity of mental activity can produce unpleasant effects.

11. Affects the length and quality of sleep. Heavy caffeine users suffer from sleep-deprivation because their nervous system is too stimulated to allow them deep, restful or prolonged sleep.

12. The American Medical Journal has reported a correlation between caffeine and decreased bone density or osteoporosis in women.

In addition to the above effects prolonged or very heavy caffeine use can produce the following:

13. `Caffeine nerves’ a jittery feeling with shaking hands, palpitations, and wobbliness in the legs.

14. Caffeine addiction which involves nervousness, irritability, agitation, headaches or ringing in the ears.

15. Causes your adrenal glands to release their hormones into your bloodstream

16. Causes blood sugar, or blood glucose, to be released from storage through the effects of the adrenal hormones. This gives you a temporary lift but…

17. …requires your pancreas to over-work. This is because your pancreas now has to produce extra insulin to reduce this extra blood sugar.

Natural flavors

This is a general term. Too general to discuss.

Any violent reactions? write it down!

Update as of May 17, 2012. Caffeine may also hamper good digestion.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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