The Safety of Dolphin Meat? Can You Eat?

GMA-Saksi:– Some animal rights activists held a protest in front of Japanese Embassy. The activist demand Japan to stop sale and slaughter of dolphins. According to Philippine Animal Society and Animal Advocates of Earth Island Institute, dolphin shows are not entertaining. Dolphins are keep captive and no freedom. Some are even dying due to stress. jumping dolphin

In Japan almost 23 thousand dolphins are slaughtered for its meat. Some are sold to dolphin shows for 150 thousand dollars each.

According to Ocean Adventure Park, they are taking care of rescued dolphins. It is called conservation. Their dolphins serve as ambassadors to promote awareness and love for dolphins. –:GMA-Saksi

Studies showed that dolphin meat might pose health hazards. Most caught dolphins are from the polluted seas of United States, Japan and China. Laboratory test results, dolphin meats are high in mercury, cadmium, the pesticide DDT, and organic contaminants like PCBs.

Whether dolphin meat is safe or not, I cannot eat the meat of such adorable, intelligent and playful dolphins.

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