Eating at Wendy’s

There are few food stalls at 2nd floor namely, Chowking, Max’s, Wendy’s and Jollibee. I am noticing Jollibee and Chowing are always the most populated. I think I know what you are thinking. Those two fast food chain are well known to masses because they are well advertised. Max’s Restaurant is also engaged in advertising but the price of their commodities are not for the commoners.

It is Sunday and the Christmas day is coming near. More and more people are coming in malls to do shopping. The two popular fast food chains I mentioned above have plenty of costumers. Many are enjoying their meal while conversing with each other. Some are falling in-line to choose their order while other avid fans are patiently waiting for empty seats.

Why they are insisting to eat in such a crowded restaurant where in fact there are others with less customers and have ample seats.

At the very moment, Wendy’s has lesser customers and has several available tables. It exactly fits my criteria when the mall is crowded.

Here are the pictures of our orders.




If the brand name is covered, then I would think they are cooked by Jollibee.

A notable experience. The restaurant have costumer friendly crews.

mother and son eating


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