Eating Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Teriyaki at Tokyo Tokyo

My laptop hard disk got broken. I went to nearest computer components store to buy a replacement. I used the car so my better half, my son and sister came along. The nearest store is about 15 minutes away but usually take one hour due to traffic.

As expected It took one hour drive. We were hungry and had a lunch. We entered to one of my favorite resto, its the Tokyo Tokyo.

Our order. The Pork Tonkatsu and…

tokyo pork tonkatsu

… the Beef Teriyaki (if I was not mistaken).

tokyo beef teriyaki

We were four but ordered only two sets because the rice is unlimited. Order any menu set and eat rice as much as you can. We shared the viand among us and got several rice servings.

One rice was not enough for me so I got two extras.

tokyo 2 extra rice

There are two things I like about Tokyo Tokyo. The first is the unlimited rice. The best things in the world are the freebies. Who never like freebies? The second, most of their food have mild taste. Indication that they might be using less artificial flavorings.

This little guy did the usual act. He started munching when most people around him were almost finished. Added the fact that he is a slow eater.

my son eating

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