The Prawn and Kani

I think this restaurant is one of my favorite. My favorite specially when I am feeling very hungry. Their unlimited rice offer is perfect for this kind of situation.

I was very hungry. Two reasons for this. It was almost lunch time and I forgot to eat breakfast. I was very hungry so I chose this restaurant again.

I ordered the menu Prawn Kani. I was not sure if it was the exact name or not. The official receipt abbreviated BST PWN KANI (the prawn kani) and DRK-RITI202 (the regular red iced tea). My instinct was telling me to get this specific dish. I have not eaten this before. I was obviously curious.

prawn kani meal

I was surprised when I bit the Kani. It tasted different. It was awesome. It was something I have never eaten before. I asked the crew what was it. She replied it was a crab stick.

I got a bit disappointed.  It was delicious but not my taste expectation of crab meat. Other dishes I have tasted are far better than this. Maybe it was not their fault. Maybe it was a varietal difference. Seemed this crab stick came from unfamiliar giant crab.

Read a short update about crab meat!


kani crab stick

kani crab stick open

Their vegetable salad was as good as ever. I love its spicy, slight salty taste and crunchy texture.

I ate the prawn tempura last. I found it flat and oily. It was coated with too much batter and the cooking oil was not drained well.

Maybe I was not in the right state of mind when I did the evaluation. I was very hungry at first. All the thing coming in my mouth seemed to be very delicious. After consuming two rice servings, I felt too full that I barely consumed the remaining tempura.

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  1. From the photos, it definitely looked like imitation crab meat (surimi), which is not crab meat at all, but a mix of white flesh fish (usually sole or “dapa”) and fillers like flour plus flavoring.

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