Pork Tonkatsu, Beef Teriyaki, Prawn Tempura etc….

Table number 35. He was never loosing his composure despite we had been waiting for our order for almost 35 minutes. It can’t be helped cause we arrived in resto at rush hour – 12 pm, lunch time. This was the resto with the least number of customers but we still waited for about 20 minutes for a vacant table.

table number 35Finally our meal. The pork tonkatsu, like an extra wide chicken nuggets. Beef teriyaki – like my brother’s version of bistek less onions. I never know the name of red sour garnish on top. Prawn and veggie tempura, specifically carrot and potato tempura. The breading was too oily and thicker than potato and carrot slices – taste were barely noticeable.  Vegetable salad – carrots, white onions and cabbage.

tonkatsu teriyaki etcThe pork tonkatsu was part of this order.

rice and veggiesThe two cups of sauce. I could not determine what they’re made of. She said it was just soy sauce. I guessed it’s not.

sauces in red cupsOne of the three red iced teas. A mildly sweet tea with a kick of orange taste.

red iced teaOne of the two rice in cups. This was not enough obviously. Good thing rice was unlimited. I was very hungry but only managed two cups. I was wondering why their rice was heavy on stomach. I also found it hard eating with such a small cup. It was  really meant for chop sticks which I never know how to use.

a cup or riceIt was a good satisfying meal.

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