Food Stalls in Front of MOA

Here again on front of Mall of Asia. Ever since it was built and Cavitex became operational, I have no choice but to changed my travel route from Cavite to Manila and back. The Manila ordinance prohibiting the entry of provincial buses forced me further. The Bus terminal in Baclaran and the numerous buses stopping by to pick up passengers were all gone.  It is still okay for me in the end. My travel time is greatly reduced  and I can do a little malling if I have spare time.

I am hungry and I am in front of Mang Inasal, again! I wanted to enter and eat. However, my recent gout experience gave me a second thought. A menu choice with unlimited rice option might give me problem again. The last time, I ate a heavy meal there followed by two days of pork and liver dishes at home.

Hmm.. There are several food stalls before the entrance. I noticed many mall goers are stopping by to eat. Not only mall goers, many mall employees are going out to eat there too, including the passenger car drivers and security guards. I think safety of their foods is guaranteed as they are monitored by mall administration. I bought a bread and an iced tea for only 45 pesos. So affordable. No wonder why people around are patronizing them. This meal is sure not enough but good enough until I got home to get a healthier meal.

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food stalls in front of mall of asia

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