The Mang Inasal Chicken Meal

I got a lucky nap today. I slept for a couple of minutes then a pack lunch was by my side when I woke up. It was Mang Inasal’s. The size seemed big and more than enough for a lunch. Too bad! I already took my lunch before taking a nap. The delivery girl should have delivered it earlier.

mang inasal pack lunch padeliver na number mang inasal pack lunchI set the pack lunch aside and waited until 4 pm before opening. This was in contrast with what was stated on the package, “consume immediately”.

mang inasal pack lunch consume immediatelyWhat I thought big was really too small for me. It maybe enough for individual with small tummy. I was guessing it is one of the fast food’s budget meal. The package included one roasted chicken piece, three packs sauce (soy sauce) and one rice serving about 2/3 of my closed fist.

The roasted chicken breast had a burnt skin. Suggestive that it was really roasted, not fried.  I could not really describe how it taste. It was simply delectable. Not so tasty, not spicy but it was really good. Even the burnt skin never tasted burnt.

I opened only one sauce sachet because I am cutting down on salt. I poured some on roasted chicken breast and rice just to see how it looks and sense how it taste.

chicken inasal rice and sauceNo further comment of sauce and rice.

mang inasal rice


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