Affordable Chicken and Pork Adobo Meal at GoodAh!!!

A newly opened restaurant. Few customers. Only one person do taking orders, serving orders and cleaning tables. They sure add more staff as they gain more customers.

goodah restaurant logoThe restaurant name suggests, they are serving Good meals that will make you say Ahhhhh!,  GoodAh!!! The service counter is suggesting another meaning which is “I am feeling Good!.

The color motif is red. An active color that makes people passing by feel hungry. A popular color among restaurants. Chow King, Jollibee, Tokyo Tokyo and KFC have the same.

A self service restaurant. Pay as you order. The crew is serving the meal few minutes after payment.

What really caught my attention were the word prints on back of chairs.

– Reserved para kay BOSSING
– Reserved para sa PASAWAY
– Reserved para sa GUTOM
– Reserved para sa POGI
– Reserved para sa ASTIG
– Reserved para kay KULIT

I chose the GUTOM seat, that really represented my current state, hungry.

chair reserved para sa gutomreserved sa astig pasaway seatsI ordered Chicken and Pork Adobo with one Red Ice Tea plus unlimited rice for only 125 pesos. I was hungry and so I took down four rice servings.

goodah pork and chicken adobogoodah red iced teagoodah two rice servings

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