What To Do With Leftover Tacos?

She made her own tacos once (using the commercially available taco shells) but never repeated it ever again. The mix she made was awesome but there was a problem with the taco shells. The shells are crispy. It crumbles upon bite and the fillings start falling down to a mess. The best way of eating is placing it on plate and using spoon and fork. So the taco shells are of no use. Just a crispy decoration.

So these few pieces of taco shells has been staying near the vegetable bin for quite a while. Throwing it away is an option but it would put some hard earned money to waste.

The taco shells are still crunchy. The cold storage condition has maintained its crispiness. It could be eaten as is. However, it is plain and has a strong taste of raw flour. I tried dipping it in mayonnaise and soaking a bit in chili hot vinegar.

mayonnaise and taco shellschili hot vinegarI barely managed consuming all tacos. Both dips never worked well.

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  1. Hi Marvin….re your left-over crispy taco shells. One way is to break a piece and dip in cheese sauce as in nachos. Here, you can buy the nacho cheese sauce in cans, just pour over crispy pieces and serve with pickled jalapeno peppers, if available, on the side. Or you can get Velveeta and melt that in the microwave and add a bit of sili as an option for spiciness.
    Another way to enjoy the left over crispy tacos is to prepare a fresh dip of finely chopped tomatoes/onions/cilantro/chilies/dayap juice/salt and pepper(called pico de gallo here).
    I find it amusing though that crispy taco shells are actually available in the Phil.
    Are corn or flour tortillas also available there? That’s the other kind of tacos that they make here, called “soft tacos” and are much, much easier to eat with your hands as you can wrap the tortilla around the meat filling like a lumpia, so it is not messy, except for the juice that comes from the pico de gallo topping included inside, which drips down.
    Yummmm; makes me crave for tacos now!

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