The Elvie’s Original Buko Pie

Bought this Elvie’s Original buko pie in Barangay Anos Laguna at around 6 pm. I arrived home 10 pm. It was pretty late. I am tired and I want to go to bed and sleep. However, putting this inside refrigerator and eating it by tomorrow will spoil the fun. It is not fresh by tomorrow and might not be as good.

elvies orginal buko pieAs I mentioned in my previous post, we wanted to buy buko pie. We wanted the original. However, it would be silly to ask  someone which store sells the original. I know you noticed it too, many or almost all buko pie bakers label their product  as “____ original buko pie”.

Elvie’ buko pie is also using those above mentioned words but coined a slogan of their own. “Yes, we are not the first. Yet we are the best.”  They are admitting they are not the pioneer in buko pie manufacturing but strongly believed they are making the best.

Decrypting the words “original buko pie”. Literally, all buko pie with real buko meat are original. Those with none or with artificial only ingredients are all fakes.  It might also mean, the original unique recipe or more likely the first establishment who invented it.

A short evaluation.

The green packaging is suggestive of young green buko. The main raw ingredient for making buko pie.

Green also suggest health and organic. Implying they never used any artificial food additives.

buko pie covered with parchment paperThe whole unsliced pie seems thick and heavy. Slicing it reveals the thick buko pile and a very thin crust.

the buko piebuko pie slicedI feel like eating a cheesy buko.

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