How to Make Salty, Sweet and Hot Alamang

Alamang is one of my mom’s favorite recipe. It is not because she like it so much. One cup  alamang dish last for several days or weeks. It is perfect for budget savvy mothers.  It has lot of salt so no one is gonna eat it plain like crazy.

Alamang is one of my favorite dish. I can eat with a combination of rice and alamang three times a day for several days without the feeling or nakakasawa or nakakaumay. I had no other choice by the way. Budget was often scarce.

Here is a simple shrimp paste recipe. My real plan was too cook it in coconut milk but she stole the coconut. She used it for  Ginataang Tilapia. The recipe is somewhat similar to Ginisang Alamang  but I made it sweet and hot for a change.

1 cup alamang (shrimp paste)
1 siling panigang
3 siling labuyo, hot pepper
2 onions, sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped finely
1 thumb size ginger (it will remove the stench, fishy flavor)
1/4 cup pork back fat, small cubes.
1/4 cup water


1) Take time scouting vendors who sell alamang that is not too salty. Some merchants are adding too much salt to their alamang to make it last longer. Remember too much salt is not good for the kidney. Plus, more sugar are needed to counteract the saltiness. Too much sugar is not good for health too.

2) Drain alamang excess water. This will help remove extra saltiness.

3) Heat pork back fat over a low heat. The fat will exude and will be used for sauteing. Vegetable oil can be used as replacement for this LDL increasing meat.

4) Saute onions and garlic over a low heat for ten minutes or until it become golden brown.

5) Add the rest of ingredients except sugar. Then boil for ten minutes or until the shrimp paste become slightly brownish.

6) Add sugar gradually until the taste become slightly sweet.

7) Boil until tacky. Sugar will counteract  saltiness and its caramelization will impart additional flavors.

The salty, sweet and hot alamang is now ready. It is perfect for rice and green mango.

salty sweet hot alamang

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