How to Make Your Own Coffee Toddy

To make things clear, Toddy is a trademark for a cold brew system patented by Todd Simpson. Cold brewed coffee became popular in the US and Americans called it as “Toddy”.

To make coffee toddy you can buy a cold brew system or just use an inexpensive bottle shake method.

Prepare your coffee toddy:

1. Measure 1 tablespoon of ground coffe and 250ml mineral or tap water. Purified water tastes blunt while the taste of chlorinated water is awful. Remember, we want to enjoy a real coffee taste.

2. Fill it into bottle and shake vigorously for 10 minutes. Exercise is good for you.


3. Let coffee grounds infuse for 12 hours to allow ample extraction of flavors. Infusion time can be shorten if you desire.

4. Filter your coffee using clean chesecloth or coffee filter paper.

cup of coffee toddy

5. Enjoy your cold brewed coffee. It tastes less bitter but more acidic than hot extracted coffee.

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