Making Hubad Na Lumpiang Sariwa – From Talipapa Premix

She cooked this dish for the second time. I really like its taste. I just called it hubad na lumpiang sariwa cause my wife was too lazy to wrap it.


toge – munggbean sprouts, unknown quantity, sliced
camote, unknown quantity, sliced
sayote, unknown quantity, sliced
carrots, unknown quantity, sliced
singkamas, unknown quantity, sliced
snap beans, unknown quantity, sliced
one onion, sliced
one clove garlic, minced
vegetable oil
salt to taste


1) Saute onion and garlic over low flame. Again, a slow saute for at least five minutes until you can smell the delicious taste of garlic and onion.
2) Add toge, camote, carrots, sayote, singkamas and snap beans. Mix continuously for five minutes.
4) Add salt to taste and remove from fire immediately. Crunchy veggies has better eating quality than fully cooked / overcooked.
5) Serve.

lumpiang hubad gulay

Notice that measurement of toge, camote, sayote, carrots, singkamas and snap beans are unknown. I really don’t know the exact measure of each ingredients and I am not willing to know. The ingredients are premix, meaning they are ready to cook. She bought it from public market / talipapa for 15 pesos per 1/4 kilo. Cheap and very convenient. Cutting are done by the sellers. Buying individual components is costly.

Based from my observation, those premix vegetables (lumpiang sariwa and pinakbet) are made from rejects. Yes they are indeed from rejects. I often saw merchants trimming away parts with worms and cracks.

Throwing away rejects will be a considerable amount of waste. Trimming and keeping the good part is great solution. There is no harm consuming vegetables half-eaten by worms. In fact, worms could be an indication a pesticide free commodity.

P.S. Rinse well before cooking!

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