Food Processing Technologies For Lipote

My former high school teacher stepped inside our laboratory and said “Hi!” It was a surprise! Its been eight years since we last met. I remembered her perfectly – her exact name but she could hardly recognized me. She said my face was familiar but she cannot remember clearly. What a shame! I introduced myself again. Anyway, that was not a serious thing to deal with.lipote lipote

She was conducting her doctoral thesis. She brought some products for physico-chemical evaluation. All products were made of “lipote”. Sorry folks! I had no camera that time.

Lipote was unfamiliar name for me. The shape and color is similar to duhat (see flicker picture here). The taste is different however. She said the taste is sour – not a yummy snack. Her words seemed to touch my tongue that I never wanted a taste test.

Recently, someone told me there was  lipote tree in my alma mater area. The tree was bearing so many fruits. No one was interested and fruits were falling to ground. I went there to see the fruit and witnessed so many rotting lipote.The tree was cut soon after.

What a waste! The fruit might not have a good eating quality but fits for converting to a variety of food commodities. During our last entrepreneurship training one of my co-trainee bought a lipote wine from our lecturer. Imagine a high quality wine made of lipote fruit.

These are the lipote products made by my former professor. Following the link will bring you to a specific technology. Its not the exact one but could be adapted to produce high quality end.

1) wine
2) jam
3) jelly
4) preserved
5) juice

Other quality products can be made out of lipote. Imagination is the limit.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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  1. LIPOTE is widely known as LAPOTE in my native town of SAN AGUSTIN, ROMBLON, and the entire province of Romblon. This fruit is plentiful in my native place and is of several varieties in terms of size of the fruit itself and in terms of taste. SIZE: It is either small – like the play marbles which children play with or big, twice that size of the small ones or as big as the sineguelas fruit. TASTE: sweet or sour. If you eat the sweet variety, you would think you are eating sweet apples. It is a summer fruit because its fruits are normally ripe for picking during summer months. As a boy, I used to place the fruit inside an empty caldero, place some salt and sugar. I shake the caldero violently until the fruit is fairly “mauled” to softness. Taste? heavenly sweet sour. Because of the abundance of the fruit during summer, the people resort to turning the fruits into BINURO or salted preserved in big garapons or jars. One can see a lot of BINURONG LAPOTE in several stores in the town.My grandma used to cook lapote into LAPOTE JAM although it is a too laborious thing to do. It is a normal commentary, you are not a real ROMBLOMANON if you have not tasted this fruit. As if you are not a real Pinoy if you have not consumed a balut. It is only at this old age of mine that I learned that this fruit tree also exists in several place. I have seen ones in Camarines Sur when I served as a ninong in a wedding ceremony. I also saw one in Pag-ulingin, Lipa City during a fiesta visit. On facebook I also learned it is also abundant in Masbate and is known there as BALIG-ANG. My former boss who is from Masbate knew the fruit well.

  2. I forgot, the fruit is always round, in clusters as shown in fotos here in Google, it is either black or blue black in the outer covering, but the inside of the fruit is always white with one seed that divides into two. I have one tree right now in front of my residence in Bacoor.

    1. Sir Ambit Madridejos may bunga po ba ang Lipote (Igot) tree nyo at present kasi kailangan po ng anak ko for her thesis. Please reply because I am willing to go to your place to buy Lipote fruit . Thank you.

  3. My search request was “mangosteen wine recipe”.
    The result was a diatribe about lipote.
    Perhaps your search engine needs re-tuning!

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