Fermented 3C – Cucumber, Carrots and Celery

Yet another suggestion by Dennis in addition to fermented mangosteen extract. My better half did buy all the needed ingredients and I did the preparations.

You can try also our favorite 3C (cucumber, carrots, celery). Same process of fermentation. Same ratio 1:1:1:1 (cucumber: carrots:celery:brown sugar/muscovado). You get the 3C extract and the residue (sapal) is very good pickle (atsara)….You also get all the heath benefits of the carrots, cucumber and celery. It is a diuretic, an elixir and an appetizer too. It can be taken to recover from tiredness or fatigue. For a sound sleep, drink 60ml before bedtime. This one you should leave loosely tightened after the 15 day fermentation, as a caution, since it is still in the fermentation process (strong effervescence) though it can be use already…and to stop fermentation you can put it inside the refrigerator. See full comment.
chopped cucumber celery carrots fermented 3c startExpected update is after 15 days. Read update here.

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