How To Make Cassava Suman

Mom gave us these three large cassava suman. There was only one remaining – she grabbed the other two and brought it to office. Its former state was fully wrapped in banana leaves. I opened it and sprinkled some sugar.

cassava sumanHmmm… it was really yummy. Cassava suman is somewhat similar to cassava cake with or without sugar added and cooked only by soaking in boiling water. Cassava cake on the other hand have flavors like milk, sugar and cheese. The latter is cooked in oven or over steam.

Make a cassava suman by following the procedures below:

1) Get cassava. Wash and remove the peels. See How to make tapioca chips for peeling illustration.

2) Grate cassava on stainless steel grater.

4) Get banana leaves. Heat it gently over a low flame to make it soft – essential for easy wrapping and prevent unnecessary leaf tearing.

5) Cut the leaves to desired sizes, should be wide enough to wrap desired sizes of suman.

6) Wrap grated cassava in banana leaves. Tie is not needed – just fold both ends and arrange neatly in a casserole.

7) Then half fill the casserole with water and boil until done. It can be checked by piercing with fork.

Cassava is locally known as balinghoy or kamoteng kahoy – the popular tapioca.


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