Broiled Lima Beans / Inihaw Na Patani

I know only two recipes out of patani, the ginisa and bulanglang. The first one is sauteed with garlic and onions while the second is boiled with variety of garnish. Any veggies of choice can be added to two recipes.

My auntie from Romblon province was here again and told me about their unique recipe.

The famous lima beans or locally known as patani is also grown in their hometown. But the purpose of rearing is not for vegetable cooking purposes. They broil patani. Green and plumb patani are harvested. Then place over baga or ember (a glowing coal or wood with no flames) until  the skin are burnt. It is eaten as is without added condiments.


Mother gave me a kilo of lima beans. I told her to set aside some for me. I gonna roast it. After few days, I was looking for patani to do the experiment. I was so lucky to found nothing. Grr! She cooked it all!

The next day, Mother was counting  a load of patani. She gonna sell it at public market for the next day.  I grabbed few pods to continue my hampered experiment.

No ember was available at the moment so I used our lpg stove. She is using it for broiling eggplant. It would also serve well for my simple trial.

I opened the stove and set it to low flame. I placed the pods over the grill and roasted it for two minutes. I turned sides every 30 seconds to get an even roast.  The heat made the pods burnt and popped. Though the popping was not strong enough to send it flying like popcorn.

inihaw na patani

The pods are burnt but the beans are perfectly safe. The taste is very good: not sweet, not crunchy, slightly tough instead. The space in between seed is slightly oily.It has a unique taste different from ginisa or bulanglang na patani.

If you are tired of eating patani as vegetable dish then you can try roasted lima beans. Its perfect for snack!

Please try broiling it over charcoal stove!

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