Bagbagkong and Ginatang Laing

Ginisang Balatong  with Ampalaya and Bagbagkong

The previous try of Bagbagkong turned to be a good one, the tahong with bagbagkong. We still have some bagbagkong left so she tried it in ginisang munggo. The flowers were added two minutes before the fire was turned off.

This recipe is good too. I guess this flower will fit for many kind of dishes.

munggo with bagbagkong

Ginatang Laing

Laing is plant similar to gabi or taro. It thrives well in near small water stream or areas where ample water supply is available. In our locality, people are only interested on its leaves and stalks, its fruity root is not eaten.

Laing should not be confused with gabi. You cannot see laing in dry areas. Its stalks and leaves have a slight violet complexion. And it has a prominent violet spot on leaf center just above the stalk.

I seldom see ginatang laing on dinner table. It was a good thing that my big brother cooked some. He gave as a part after we had our dinner. It  taste so good. Well, this dish is for tomorrow.


I found laing and gabi in my picture files. See their difference.



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