How to Determine a Natural Vinegar


The picture above are vinegars. Can you guess which is natural and which is synthetic ?

The left picture is synthetic vinegar and the right picture is natural.  Why ? Those vinegars are two months old vinegar. At first day both vinegars are cloudy. But they have different color.  The left is white while the right is brownish. As time goes by. The suspended solids in vinegar coagulate and sink . This will give natural vinegars its crystal clear color and bottom sediments. This phenomenon will not happen to synthetic vinegar because manufacturer use chemical cloudifier.

Most synthetic vinegars are cheap while natural vinegar double or triple the price. For health conscious individual, you can do some storage experiment in choosing your vinegar.

How to Make Dried Oregano Leaves

After three weeks of experiment. I successfully dried oregano leaves. The drying procedure is very useful when you have a bunch of oregano leaves and you want to store it for longer period. It is also useful if you want to venture into dried herb business.

Step by step procedures.

1. Select mature and good quality oregano leaves.

2. Wash in running water to remove all adhering dirt.

3. Place in slotted trays and shake well to remove excess water.

4. Place in front of electric fan to facilitate removal of excess water.

5. Cut the leaves into small pieces. This will facilitate fast water evaporation.

6. Dry at room temperature for 3 weeks. Drying time might take longer during rainy days and in high humid areas

7. Pack in air tight container.

8. Oven drying and sun drying can also be done. However , this will affect its herbal properties.


How to Make Peanut Brittle

Procure the ingredients you need.

2 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups raw peanut
1 cup water
1 cup light corn syrup
2 cups sugar


Brown sugar or muscovado is recommended due to health reasons.

The procedures.
1. Line the baking sheet  with aluminum foil and spray with non stick cooking spray.
2. Mix the sugar and water in saucepan . Add the corn syrup and salt when the sugar is moistened.
3. Cook over medium heat until it reaches 225 degrees  on a candy thermometer  or until it starts bubbling . Mix the peanuts . Cook until 290 degrees.
4. Turn off the heat and mix the butter. Mix well and pour into baking pan.
5. Spread thinly and uniformly with spoon and cool at room temperature. Break or cut into small pieces.
6. Pack in air tight container and seal.

Fresh Carabao Milk

This fresh milk remind me that I have never drink anything like it for 12 years. Wow! 12 long years. Way back 12 years are ago. I was still second year college. We used to get fresh cows milk from university’s dairy farm. Their harvest practices is not so sanitary so we boil the milk before drinking.

This one is different . This is fresh carabao’s milk . I bought one bottle to have a shot. This is very clean white , unlike the dirty white color of cows milk. The milk is so creamy . It seems that I don’t want to drink instant preserved milk any more. A good buy for the price of 45 pesos per bottle, approximately 350 ml. You need to place it immediately in refrigerator because it is freshly harvested. Another thing is the cap is fresh banana leaves. Based on my experience , fresh milk left over night in room condition is not safe to drink.

I tested it as mix to my favourite chocolate drink. My taste rating is 9 out of 10


How to Make Instant Aloe Vera Powder

Verline is going to conduct her thesis about aloe vera powder. Powder for making instant juice drink. Wow ! I am using aloe vera for my hair but now she is going to convert it into juice. Are you interested ?

Here are the procedures .

1. Harvest fresh aloe vera leaves and place in clean trays
2. Carefully slice each leaf along edges.
3. Scrape the flesh using spoon.
4. Blend in waring blender.
5. Add one kilo sugar per liter of extracted gel.
6. Heat in stainless steel pot with continuous stirring to prevent scorching .
7. Test for the end point when the solution is hard to stir. Get small sample using spoon and cool immediately in refrigerator. Setting point is reach when the sample becomes powder.
8. Blend in waring blender to get a uniform instant aloe vera powder juice.
9. Pack in air tight bottle.

I have never tasted it yet but they said it is very good.