No Tear Here

In a world where almost everything is fast and convenient, seeing a hard to open convenience food is rare. One of the rare find. This pack has no part where it can be opened easily, like a small V-cut and short direction or an easy to pull seal. Okay, it was not hard. I can simply grab a knife, cutter or scissors and cut it open. Perhaps a ballpen or pencil. A simple strike and pull will do it. Grab one end in between teeth pull. A kid will probably do it but a grown-up won’t. Sharing snacks after incidentally dabbing it with saliva is fun for kids but unethical for adults. It has “ew” factor.

mini eggnogg

The manufacturer need to consider. The things I said above won’t be done by adults. Having to reach for a knife or scissors just to open a pack of snack is not convenient. He is likely to buy competitors brand next time. He might threw it away or make a return. It happened to us first hand. We accidentally sealed a pack of cocoa powder below the zip lock and v-cut. A customer returned it because he found it hard to open and re-seal afterwards. This matter should be taken seriously because only a small fraction of customers have the guts to complain and make a return. Most of them just don’t buy again.

Convenience plays an important role on how customers buy. Instead of buying mature coconut. She is getting the grated and pressed coco from the supermarket vendor. Even if she has her own coconut plantation, she will choose buying it from marketplace because of convenience. She don’t have to waste time, muscle effort and energy just to get the coconut milk for cooking ginatan. Few businessman go to extent of preserving them in cans. Though I still prefer the newly grated and pressed from my favorite vendor. It is not as clean but not loaded with hard to read additives.

Instant noodles are not healthy but have many patrons. Just boil for 3 minutes and it is ready. Ready carbohydrates before going to work, before sleep or warmer during cold ber months. It was even made popular by cup noodles. It is on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Potato chips in cardboard tube are expensive but still a popular buy. Its rigid packaging design and unique chip stacking fashion help protect it from damage due to external forces. It resist drop, rough handling and crude bag packing. Anyone wouldn’t want their crispy potato broken before it touches their tongue. If there is anything left, it can be recapped for later.

I prefer the more expensive canned tuna brands. Not because they are more delectable. I want them because of the easy open lid. Not sure how many times I got a wounded hands because of opened can sharp edges. Some can openers are able to do clean cut but they just don’t last long. With easy open lid, simple pull and it is ready to go. Even my kids can do it unsupervised.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.