Datu Puti Soy Sauce in Pouch with Resealable Cap

Soy sauce is a necessity for me, every fried, broiled or grilled dish calls for a soy sauce. Their flavors seems to be not enough without the condiment.
As far as I remember, the first soy sauce I used was Marca Piña but my mom stop buying it because the flavor became inferior. I was never sure if Marca Piña still exist. Then Silver Swan, the one with a swan logo. I never know why my mother stopped buying it. The current is Datu Puti, the logo is a leader of a primitive tribe holding a spear, a datu.
The three soy sauce I mentioned  are all affordable condiments. First class soy sauce exist but I am not familiar to those expensive brands.
First packaging of Datu Puti is glass bottles, the propriety bottle of Ginebra San Miguel Gin. Larger capacity plastic bottles. The plastic pouch. Then the plastic pouch with resealable cap.
Glass bottle is inert but prone to breakage. Plastic bottle is resistant to breakage but some customer refuse to buy due to migration of plastic flavor and aroma, taste like plastic. Plastic pouch offers the advantage of lower cost, breakage resistance, light weight and convenience.
To add more convenience, Datu Puti use the plastic pouch with resealable cap. The added feature is good because transfer of contents to another container is not necessary. Remove cap, pour some of it and reseal. Instructions on how to open and reseal the cap feature is printed on back label:
First – Twist end cap of spout and snap to open. I find it hard to do this. The end cap is firmly attached to rest of tube. Twisting with bare hands is not possible. Two pliers are needed to do the task . One holding the tube and one twisting the end cap. I got a sharp knife and cut if off to make things easier.
Second – Use the other side of the end cap to reseal. The other side of cap fits snugly to tube. The container is resealed but this is not enough protection. The cap is easily removed when the pouch is applied with pressure. Besides, some caps never fit snugly to tube so resealing is not possible for some. Screw cap is a better option for this.
datu puti pouch resealable pouch
Datu Puti tastes good and I love it. However, the added 0.1% sodium benzoate is a bit discouraging.

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