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If you need a decent bottle packaging for your product, you can go to San Miguel Corporation and order the bottle you like . You can even customize the design you wanted. But there’s a catch , a single minimum order of bottle costs millions! What if I only need 500 pcs . Well , worry no more. You can go to Synergos Management , Inc.  to buy the bottles you need. They have different bottle design to choose from. You cannot order custom made bottles because they are generic bottles .
How to go to Synergos ?
You can travel to reach their address . 33 Quezon Ave. Brgy Lourdes, Quezon City . Or you can call Tel No. 712-7030.

Asia Brewery is another alternative. They sell bottles in low volume order but you need to get the caps from other sources.
Or you can view the list of Philippine Packaging Suppliers to find more alternatives.
—– update: 
The new contact and address of Synergos:
#14 Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(along Eastwood City lane between Novu City and Honda Cars Pasig)
Tel. 3486945 look for Ms. Manettes

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  1. Hi! I am local producer of pickles. Can I have price quotation on bottles used in pickles.
    Im from Davao, so kidly include shiping fees if its not free.
    Hoping for your feed back.
    thank you.

    1. Please contact the synergos for an updated price list of bottles. Their staff are very kind.
      As far as I know they don’t ship bottles. You may contact other bottle supplier and hope they ship bottle for you.

  2. Hello Sir/Maam,
    I’m currently a graduating student in the Ateneo. One of the prerequisites for graduation is to be able to set-up a new business.
    In line with this, our product needs a 350ml narrow-opening bottle (with a sexy style). Can you give us your quotation ASAP?
    Moreover, is it possible to get a discount because we are forecasting to order 1000 bottles for our first production? The second production depends on the market acceptance of our product.

    1. @Harold – Please contact Synergos directly. I am not connected to them in any way. Synergos office is not too far away from your school.

  3. acctually i just go to their place last november 14 and i found out, that they already vacated the building in uni oil. what i want only is to get their new adress and the cel no. in able to for me to buy from them.

    1. Got the new contact and address of Synergos for everyone of us:
      #14 Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
      (along Eastwood City lane between Novu City and Honda Cars Pasig)
      Tel. 3486945 look for Ms. Manettes

  4. ms. katrina, can you help us to have other contact with them?
    the number that you’ve given was out of reach…
    please help… we need bottles for wine product..
    thank you…

  5. HI Lucy,
    I just went there last Dec. 4 and that number is working. I presume it was a mobile phone so maybe they were charging it at that time.
    But please try this number 6540202. That’s the mobile landline of the owner Ms. Melissa.
    Plus, just for the people who would go there. The office is along Calle Industria. For commuters just go beside the Novu/Nuvo (I forgot the real spelling) and there would be a tricycle station there. Say you’ll go at #14. Fare is 8.50/person if you tag along with other people or 17 pesos if you hire the whole tricycle to take you there.
    It will be on the right side and the office will have a green gate. Actually it doesn’t look like an office but like a plant / warehouse. Just knock on the door with the big#14 signage and just tell Synergos and your’re there.

  6. ms. katrina, would like to thank you for the info regarding synergos. we have contacted them at the number you have given. if not for you we will still be roaming around looking for them or other suppliers. indeed you help us.
    thanks. thanks. thanks….

  7. Hi,
    I am very glad and pleased to have found this thread that promotes my auntie’s business/company.
    For anyone who would have any problem contacting Synergos, I can help patch you through to Synergos Management Inc. for your inquiries and product needs. You may leave here your contact info and I will gladly get in-touch with you. Or, you can text or call me at 0917-8493453.
    Thank you!

    1. Good to see someone from Synergos… I will need bottles from you later for my wine. I have to find cargo company muna bago ako kumontact sa inyo. I’ll just save your number. Thanks!

  8. Hi,
    I would like to inquire what bottle do you have to suit my chili garlic sauce. How many is the is the minimum order?
    Does your sales office still operating at Quezon Ave?
    Looking forward for the reply.
    Thank you.

  9. hi i need a small glass bottle in which i’ll be using for my daughter’s birthday souvenier. i’ll will be putting some candies and chocolate inside and hopefully i can buy atleast 60pcs. is your office at calle industria which i seen at the site are still open?

  10. Hi,
    “Asia Brewery is another alternative. They sell bottles in low volume order”
    I wonder if this is still applicable. do you know who I can contact in Asia Brewery?

  11. Hi im lloking for the address of synergo and I was calling them but they were no there anymore hope that you coud help to contact them thanks

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