Sinamak Vinegar and Samak Tree

After the training, we went down the road going back to hotel. I saw a familiar but unknown tree. I asked them what it is called. They quickly replied it is Samak. An ingredient of popularly known sinamak vinegar. Fruits, bark and leaves are used in the process.

samak tree

Knowing its local name allowed me to search more information on net.

According to pinoytrees. Samak or Macaranga grandifolia is a small tree reaching a height of 7 meters. It is an endemic species according to Uly, only seen in Luzon and Mindoro. Yet Sir George mentioned that this plant has long been cultivated in places like Hawaii. In the Philippines only few know the aesthetic value of this unique arborescent species.

Yeah. I had no idea this tree is of other use beside serving as land cover.

I looked around the net and read sinamak vinegar information. However, the term sinamak literally means spiced vinegar. It is a collection of spices soaked in vinegar of any kind. The samak is not mentioned in any of recipes.

Thanks to, who posted something about vinegar and samak tree.

Pamulinawen Ilocos Organic Vinegar is a product of successive microbial process, an alcoholic fermentation of sugarcane juice effected by a mixture of dried leaves, fruit and bark of samak tree.

So it is indeed a material for vinegar making but not necessarily sinamak.

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