Chilled Taho

I first heard of packaged taho from UP Los Baños. It was not known for its packaging, rather, for its different flavors. I tried one for myself. It was a sealed cup nearly filled with… There was a small spacer near the top which contain the syrup. It was self service. I had to popped the plastic myself and added the syrup. I cannot recall what the flavor was. What I was sure of… the curd was strong enough to hold the plastic of syrup. The one I am seeing from taho vendor has very fragile surface. The man has to scoop it carefully to prevent breaking it apart. The customer must do it instead. Firm taho might have gelatine or other ingredients with the same purpose.

Meeting it again. Chilled Taho. I cannot expect to get it hot because it was packaged to last for several days. It must to be chilled right after production inside the plant. Requires chilled storage during transport and store displays. For sure you know what gonna happen if not. Taho vendors have to make tofu out of their leftovers. The same can be done to chilled taho but it will incur great cost.

kyla's chilled taho

I ate it several times already, but this is the only time I am jotting down my observations.

We brought home several times already. Our kids love it. There was one time that it almost gone to waste. The MRT inspector stopped us. She said it was not permitted inside the train. What was wrong with her? We were carrying sealed and safe products. Not explosive and non flammable.

It was packed in a cup and induction sealed, Zagu style. There was a small space on top to accommodate the syrup which came in a separate PE bag. For health conscious. It is made from non-GMO soya beans. You don’t have to worry about the speculated consequences. The included syrup is light. It barely has effect on blood sugar levels. Enjoy it guilt free.

We brought home several packs during our last trip. We had no special box to hold it. Like the carton fast food chains are giving to hold the softdrinks. We placed them in our backpacks and hand carry bags. As you expected, they tumbled around during the trip and experienced pressures of sorts. It was good the cups and seals were strong. The taho was disrupted. The curds and clear liquid became evident. It was not pleasant. However, the good thing is… it has no firming agent added.

The product was still good despite of disturbed appearance. They were all gone before I knew it.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.