Is Bullfrog / Toad Edible ? a.k.a Mindoro Frog

I always thought that bullfrogs are not edible.  I always try to lure the bullfrog away because our elders said that it might spit poison.  They also said that bullfrog alone can kill a snake and bayawak, monitor lizard. The only edible frog I know is the palakang bukid, a small frog that can found in rice field and small bodies of water.

I found this statement from Yahoo Answers by accident. This contradicts my beliefs.   bullfrog

Bullfrogs are edible, so are practically all other frogs and toads. The poison is in the skin, so even a toad can be eaten if the skin is removed first. Most frogs and toads are not eaten because they are simply too small to bother. Only frogs that are longer than about 3.5-4 inches have enough meat to be worth the trouble of catching, transporting preparing and cooking. The bullfrog is the largest species of frog in the USA, and it has been introduced to many places around the world because it is edible and adaptable.

I never recommend eating bullfrogs because they can still be dangerous even if the skins are removed. People commit mistakes, a slight mistake can bring harm  to health.

I am referring to this large specie, the Mindoro Frog.

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