Darkening Buko Bits…

There are reasons why we should keep buko meat soaked in its own water. We set aside the primary reason, we want to keep the delicious water for later drinking.

buko young coconut bits beginning to darken

Keeping the young coconut meat color is of great importance. It is beautifully white right after opening but begins to change color after a while. It becomes dark, somewhat of a violet complexion. No immediate change of flavor but the off appearance seems to make it inferior.

I think it is a browning reaction but the resulting color is not literally brown. Do you think a violet reaction is more appropriate?

I tried finding explanation for this but failed. Maybe information is scarce or I was feeling lazy digging deeper. What I found were netizen words.

Steph said, coconut and its milk darken upon exposure to air. Bleaching agent is used to keep its white color.

What!? Bleaching agent for coconut. White sugare are bleached. Dried fruit candies are often bleached to keep vibrant. Sodium metabisulfite/ erythorbate is used for fruits. Sodium compound, which I do not know the specifics, is for refined sugar. Probably, sodium compound is used for coconut meat too. Please someone confirmed this.

Cocopurps said someone got ill after consuming young coconut with purplish meat and water. Further described coconut water as muddy juice.

So the discoloration is an early sigh of spoilage. Sign that it should not be consumed once the color changes. As for me, the color alone is not a reliable sign. I experienced severe diarrhea by drinking buko juice with bits. The taste, color and aroma were fine.

From the same forum, Ceidren added, imported Tai coconuts are treated with formaldehyde, an extremly toxic chemical.

This one is scary. A fatal chemical in edibles.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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  1. Hi Mr. Marvin,

    Thanks for responding to my query on how I can buy powdered chocolate from you.

    I am based in Metro Manila but I would be very willing to go to your area and meet with you either at your home/lab or a place convenient for you. I also travel often to UP Los Banos and sometimes Benguet.

    If you are making a special trip to Metro Manila, that can also be a good time for me to invite you for coffee or meryenda. Just kindly e mail me your tentative schedule so we can work out a time to meet.

    Fidel G.

    1. sure thing.

      We are setting up an online ordering system. Chocolate is prone to melting so we cannot send it recklessly. It needs carefull planning. I’ll let you know once it is up.

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