Sugar Palm Syrup for Kaong Meat Preserve, Minatamis na Irok

Fe N. Dimero, G. C. Panganiban, M. J. Austria and L. B. Catuncan developed a technology to utilized sugar palm sap for processing of kaong meat preserve / minatamis na irok. This is a healthier alternative because sugar palm syrup has  low glycemic index.  minatamis na kaong

Sap Extraction. Sap was collected from cut stalk of male florescence of the sugar palm into plastic containers hung on the stalk. Twice a day slicing of the stalk was done to sustain copious sap flow. Collected sap was immediately pasteurized to 80oC to inactivate microbial fermenters that may convert natural sugars to alcohol.

Process Standardization. Freshly harvested and pasteurized sugar palm sap was concentrated by heating over medium fire for 1 hr or until 16oB sugar concentration is attained.

One kilogram of sugar palm meat was cooked in 2 liters of the prepared light syrup for 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 hours under medium fire. The sweet sugar palm meat preserve was filled into bottles and immediately processed for 15 min in boiling water before complete sealing.

Properties. The results of sensory evaluation of the sugar palm meat preserves indicate that cooking for at least 1.5 hr resulted to better aroma, decreased sourness, increased sweetness, and more desirable flavor. Further cooking for 2 – 2.5 hr significantly increased sweetness, softened the meat, removed off flavor and alcoholic taste and resulted to more acceptable product.

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