The Sweetened Green Mango Peels

I am thinking what can I do with the green mango peels every time I eat. No problem with the ripe mangoes – peels can be processed to expensive wine and awesome vinegar. Maybe it can be made to green mango peel wine. The green mango wine is existing. The thing in my mind could be possible.

Lets try the green mango peel wine some other time. I will go for sweetened green mango feel for now. Is it crazy? Think again!

Why are we throwing away the peels? More nutrients are concentrated near it. Peeling and throwing it away mean discarding considerable amount of essential nutrients. Have you experienced eating it. Green mango peels taste bland and sometimes slightly bitter. It is also tougher. Eating it might not be enjoyable but not totally bad. The taste could be enhance by simple processing.

The product has a sweet and sour taste and a texture somewhat similar to gummy candies. A person in a blindfold will never realized that he is eating a mango peels.

sweetened green mango peels

How to:

1) Set aside the peels every time you have a raw mango snack. Store it in refrigerator for later use.

2) Mix one cup water and five tablespoons sugar. Bring to slow boil and add enough green mango peels.

3) Continue boiling until the flesh attached to peels are semi transparent. Then boil for another 15 minutes to allow more sugar penetration in peels.

4) Remove from fire and strain. The sweet and sour syrup left can still be used for other purposes (think it for yourself).

5) Dry under the sun and roll over a confectioner sugar to make a dried green mango peels. Alternatively, you can adapt the procedure for making dried mango and papaya.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

20 Replies to “The Sweetened Green Mango Peels”

  1. may i know who is the author of this article? I am making a research on making Sugar Coated Indian Mango Peelings, yeah similar in what this article says. But first i need to have a phytochemical analysis of Philippine Indian Mango Peelings because there is no particular studies about its phytochemical constituents. My Professor said I need to do it first so that I will know what nutrients and bad side effects we can get from it. May I know if do you have a certain phytochemical analysis on Philippine Indian Mango Peelings? If you have, pls reply or send me an e-mail( Thankz

    1. I did the experiment myself.

      I think you need to spend money for the analysis of nutrients and phytochemicals.

      I am sure mango peeling is perfectly safe. The skin is directly attached to yummy flesh. Substances are free to migrate from skin to flesh and vice versa. If it has poison or any bad agents – the news will be flashed on your tv screen.

      1. You are right. Me and my group mates will really spend a large amount of money just for the phytochemical analysis. So I am browsing the internet if i can find a study that could show the phytochemical constituents of the peelings, so that we do not need to do that test, and what i have found was an article similar with our study. But thanks to this article because I’m now sure that our research project is really possible. 🙂

        1. You can skip phytochemical testing by:

          1) Looking for the original scientific name / or international name for indian mango. It might have phytochemical analyses already. This indian mango is very similar to Alphonso and Kesar Mango in India. Look at this site.. You may need a help from botanist to prove that they are really the same species.

          2) Fruits of the same genus might share the same properties [supportive literature needed]. Then search for mango benefits of mango peel benefits. The flesh benefits might also the peel benefits – nutrients are more concentrated near the peel – the reason we should avoid peeling apples – and one of the reason why we should eat mango peels. Use the keywords, mango benefits, medicinal uses, bioactive compounds, antioxidants and alkaloids in you search query.

          Begin your search now!

    1. I used the sugar-to-water ratio instead. I will try to measure the sugar-to-peeling ratio next time. Sorry for the inconvenience!

          1. Kung ilan ang kaya ilubog na hindi naman sisksikan. Need kc na mamaximize yung sugar usage.

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