Ceramic Non Stick Pans

My four year old daughter became accustomed to watching the regular morning show, Shop Japan. She is always asking to power on the television to watch her favorite segment, the Cerafit.

Shop Japan is a television show selling variety of products. Transaction is via phone. Goods are delivered at customer’s doorstep and payment is done COD. Cerafit is one of their products. A non stick pan made by union of ceramic and metal.

Why use a non stick pan?

Short answer with long elaborate explanation. That is to prevent sticking of fish and meat on pan while frying. Such thing damage food appearance, reduce the edible part and makes cooking harder.

Alternate answer. To prevent sticking, for people who never know why it sticks and how to prevent it.

The sticking phenomenon all boils down to protein chemistry. Food items such as meat, fish and eggs are protein packed. These proteins when heated slowly turn into glue like structure and bind themselves to pan metallic surface.

So with ordinary frying pan and oil, the trick is raise the heat of meat as fast as possible. Practice, practice and practice… There is no shortcut to this. Failure is part of your training.

This problem is commonly seen in shallow oil frying. Almost non-existent in deep frying. Most want shallow oil to save on cost.

Alternate answer number two. We want an oil free fried foods. Based solely on my own experience. Oil-less frying is possible only on non-stick pans. As I said above, the temperature should be raised as quickly as possible or else will suffer sticking. If I do that without oil, the meat surface in contact with metal will get burnt in no time. The feat can be achieved with non stick pans only.

Why ceramic?

The non stick feature is achieved by covering the pan surface with non stick material called Teflon. It is a heat resistant polymer that faces durability issues.

It is heat resistant but only up to 620.3F or 326.8C. While cooking, the heat can easily go beyond due to negligence, lack of experience and other unforeseen circumstances. Result is melted plastic and the pan is non-stick no more.

Teflon non-stick pans require care during washing. Scrubbing pads and steel wool are no no. One mistake could mean the end of it.

It should be partnered with plastic type ladle and spoon. Metallic utensils will scrape off coatings easily.

Ceramic overcomes these weakness.

How about copper?

I thought copper is affordable electricity conductor. I never thought it would be good frying pans too. Maybe we were thinking the same thing. Copper is a soft metal. Bends easily. A copper pan is expected to have numerous dents after several rough use.

A sponsored post on Facebook captured my attention for a while. A non stick copper pan being sold on 99santa.com. The product is claimed durable and ceramic infused. The MVP is still ceramic. Copper is employed for quick and even heat distribution.

Ceramic pans are clearly making its way to households. If proven more durable, reliable and safe, will surely knock down the Teflon counterpart in no time.

We have a ceramic pan at home. We have been using it for about a year now. The underneath is darkened and somewhat rusty. The middle surface of coating is darkened too. The shape became more concave due to accidental drop. The ceramic is still intact, no scratch, no breaks. Still working perfectly.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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