Forcing Air Circulation Inside Home Refrigerator

With my current chocolate molding setup, the home refrigerator can only accommodate two molds at a time. Not that it has only room for two, instead, it can only efficiently harden two at a time. Filling all the three racks leads to dull appearance, hard to take off set and extensive mold cleaning.

I thought of forcing air circulation inside our home refrigerator. I already have plan on making a cooling cabinet out of woods and air conditioner. However, what if I can make what I have more efficient. I can mold more without spending extra for the time being. Plus make my plan more effective, making less mistake, less revision and more cost savings.


Opening and closing (about 15-30 seconds) the ref door every 25 minutes for eight hours has no effect on freezer compartment status. All foods still frozen.

I keep record of refrigerator temp while molding. The initial is often 30 F. It goes up little by little each round until it maintain at 45 F. Chocolate cooling requirement is 55F. So I think it can accommodate more molds at a time.

When using ref first and second racks. Temperature just above the vegetable bin quickly rises to 60 F. Considering the pattern, hot air rises while cold air falls. Travel of both is blocked by molds.

Air conditioner has fan, as well as big beverage chillers. I am pretty sure the fan is to better distribute air around the area making cooling faster.

To test my theory, I set up a mini fan inside refrigerator. I placed it on right corner of top rack facing downward. The freezer compartment is in the upper part and I want to help cold air travel down faster and thus cooling molds in the same manner. I used the upper and second rack for the test.


First rack always came out nicely while the second with very little problem.

All refrigerator corners registered temperatures of approximately 60F. That, of course not including the freezer compartment. I guess leaving freezer compartment open and removing the bin just below will facilitate more cooling power.

The last molding round consisted only of two molds. I didn’t mean it. Just a coincidence. I put it on second rack and re-positioned the fan to blow directly to one of mold cavity. The registered temperature was 57F and the chocolate bar which was directly hit by fan exhibited crack and bent. So it was cooled too fast with slightly lower temp and direct air flow.

I see future on this.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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